Sailing VEGA; this special design liveaboard cutter sailboat, is truly a joy. She is designed for ocean crossing hence she handles light winds and storms equally well. Her sail plan is that of a “cutter” meaning she has one centrally located tall main mast forward and two headsails. The forward-most sail, the jib, is carried by the forestay which goes from the top of the main mast to the bowsprit. The next sail aft is the stay sail. The main sail is carried by the main mast and the main boom.

The jib and staysail has roller reefing controlled from the cockpit. The main sail has three sets of reefing points of which two are controlled with a single line from the cockpit.

In winds of Force 8 or more she sails nicely with only reefed jib . It is also possible to sail her with only a reefed main since the center of effort (CLE) of the main sail is almost directly over her Center of Lateral Resistance (CLR). She sails well in light winds and even has a spinnaker which is almost new. The main mast carries a spinnaker pole.

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