This glossary gives not only the meaning of words used herein but also gives much additional information about this Ocean Wanderer sailing yacht. Whether or not you have any interest in her you should read the entire glossary from beginning to end. By doing so you will learn much about the Ocean Wanderer sailing yacht by Dick Zaal as well as sailing in the Med.


AC means alternating current.

Air Conditioning is the heating, cooling and ventilation system on a yacht. It comprises an evaporator, driven by a  compressor. The Freon® coolant is condensed by a heat exchanger with sea water. The unit discharges air to a plenum, also called a valve box containing two air control valves. The cooled air can be directed to the owner’s stateroom aft or to the main saloon. This unit is a reversible heat pump and can be run to either heat or cool to vessel. The circulating air fan has three speeds. The unit is controlled by a centrally located thermostat. The entire unit is powered by 240 volts and can be run anytime the onboard generator is running or when shore power is available. Presently Vega has no air conditioning but has plenty of roam to install one or even two.

Alternating Current is the “flavor” of current produced ashore and by the on board generator. Alternating current cycles 60 times per second in the USA and 50 times per second in Europe and most everywhere else in the world. That is one reason it is troublesome to bring a new-world boat to Europe. One calls 50 cycle current, “50 Hertz”.

Anode means sacrificial anode.

Anti-Fouling Paint is the coating composition put on the hull to retard marine growth. In April 2014, we applied three coats of fresh anti-fouling paint.

Bicycle is one of those two wheeled devices that can be folded and stored in the forepeak. So we have at least one on board.

Black water is water containing urine and feces which comes from a commode. Cf. “grey water”.

Bow Thruster is an athwartships mounted tube containing a propeller to move the bow to port or starboard. This Ocean Wanderer has a 6kw bow thruster . I consider it a must on any heavy boat like Vega especially in tight places.

Bowsprit is that part of the vessel sticking forward of the bow.

Builder is the Dermak  Building Company, LTD of Turkey.

Crew means those on board. This Ocean Wanderer can be handled under sail by a crew of two if one is  experienced. We have done it. If one crew member lacks experience this Ocean Wanderer can still be sailed using only the jib and the main sail. The auto pilot might be considered a third crew member. One person can handle her in the open water under power, and we  have done so.

Cutlass bearing is the aftermost bearing of the main drive shaft. It is water lubricated.

Davits are the fixed cranes used to raise and lower the tender. This Ocean Wanderer has a davits on the stern with a block and tackle  for the tender.

DC means direct current.

Dinghy means tender, the small inflatable boat used to go from the ship to the shore.

Direct Current is current that does not oscillate. Batteries produce direct current.

Dishwasher is used for washing the dishes on board. Vega has a domestic type Bosh dishwasher in the galley.

Electrical Systems are the two electrical power systems namely:

(1) A 12 volt direct current (dc) system; and
(2) A 240 volt alternating current (ac) system, each of which is described below.

Electrical System – 240 volt is the 240 volt 50 Hertz alternating current system can be supplied by power via a shore power connection or by the 3000 watt inverter on board . This is the common “flavor” of electricity supplied to households all over Europe and the Near East. There is at least one double electrical outlets (Brit. “power points”) below decks in each space. One is never more than 3 meters from an outlet. The outlets are of the three prong grounded type common ashore in continental Europe.

Electrical System – 12 volt is the low voltage direct current (dc) system used on board for most purposes. The heart of the system is three batteries located under the sole in the saloon. The total capacity of these batteries is 1250 ampere-hours.

Engine means the four-cylinder 110 horse power Yanmar diesel engine located below the deck in the main saloon. It is a model “4JH4HTE”. The engine drives a three-blade propeller via a Kanzaki® 2.7:2.1 gearbox. The engine permits her to cruise a seven  knots at 2100 rpm with a maximum speed of nine knots.  The engine has its own dedicated starter battery, but can also be started with the house batteries.  An extensive set of spares is on board .

Fin Keel is a keel that sticks down into the water from the hull like a fin. The other kind of keel is a long keel that runs the entire length of the boat. This Ocean Wanderer has a scheel keel.

Flag is the ensign of the country in which a yacht is registered. This Ocean Wanderer is a Turkish Flag vessel.

Forestay is the forward most wire that goes from the top of the mast to the bowsprit.

Fresh Water is carried on board in two integrated tanks two of  370 liters each  for a total of  740  liters. I and a land-lubber companion sailed for a month consuming only an average of 25 liters per person per day. At this rate two people can go 18 days without taking on fresh water. We cooked, showered and washed dishes in fresh- rather than salt water. I have heard of other experienced sailors consuming less than ten liters per day. In the Eastern Med’ fresh water is readily available. The most I have paid to top off is 10 Euros. Fresh water is delivered to the heads and to the galley under pressure. Hot water is available anytime the engine is running via a heat exchanger and anytime 240 volt ac power is available via  shore power.

Fuel Capacity is the amount of diesel fuel carried on board namely 900 liters in two 450 liter integrated  fuel tanks. At her cruising speed of seven knots she uses about 0.7 liters per nautical mile giving her a range under power of  approx.1200 nautical miles without refueling. You can motor from Marmaris, Turkey, to Athens (Piraeus) and back to Marmaris and never use any fuel from the second tank. You will have passed five or ten Greek Islands with fuel available. Every Greek Island big enough to have a fishing fleet is big enough to have a way to refuel the fishing boats. In the summer of 2014, diesel fuel was less expensive in the Greek islands than in Turkey.

Galley is the nautical name for “kitchen”. This Ocean Wanderer has a fully equipped U shaped  galley with four propane burners, a propane oven, an electric  oven with grill and a two-ring electrical hot plate, reefer, sink, pots, pans, dishes, glassware, cutlery, wine cellar and everything else needed to live well afloat or ashore.

Gangplank means a small bridge or plank used to get on or off a boat. This Ocean Wanderer has a nice gangpl This is adapted to go into a fitting on the stern or the bow

Gasoline means petrol. This Ocean Wanderer’s main engine  use diesel fuel not petrol. The outboard motor uses petrol carried in its own tank. We have several small portable petrol tanks which I never store on board .

Generator means the  generator used to produce 240 volt 50 cycles, alternating current. Vega used to have  a 900 watt   generator . It could supply 40 amps DC  for charging the batteries. It was located in the forepeak but has a remote control in the galley.After incresaing the solar power on board we gave it away

Genoa is the name sometimes used to refer to the large jib on this Ocean Wanderer.

Grey water is water from the sinks. Grey water goes overboard from several outlets. There is plenty of room to install a grey water holding tank if one should be required or desired.

Ground Tackle means the equipment used to fix the vessel to the ground. This Ocean Wanderer has three anchors. The working anchor is a  35kg Ultra with 100 m of  ss chain. A fotress fx37 and Two CQR-® anchors are in reserve. An electric 1500 watt electric windlass, operable from either the bow or the steering station, makes it easy to drop and raise the anchor.

GRP means Glass Reinforced Plastic, also sometimes called “Fiberglas”.Vega is built not with polyester resin but with epoxy resin which is far more resistant and strong .Her hull is made to look as if she is made of wood emulating the classic yachts of the past. Below decks she is substantially completely teak, most of it varnished.

Head is nautical for bath room. This Ocean Wanderer has two heads.

History is the story of this Ocean Wanderer. She was built in Turkey (Istanbul) in 2008 and commissioned in 2009. She is built upon a new plan ordered to world famous naval architect Dick Zaal from Holland. He had been the designer of Contest yachts for thirty years as well as many other designs(

Hob means the cook top. The propane cook top in the galley has two burners. There is also a portable electric hot plate with two burners, also called “rings”. There is also a electric  oven in the galley.

Holding tank is a tank used to hold black water or grey water. This Ocean Wanderer has two black water holding tanks piped to the commode in the forward head. This means the forward head can be used at any time, even when in dry dock. This Ocean Wanderer has no grey water holding tanks, but has plenty of room to install one in several places.

Hot water means heated, fresh water. Fresh water is heated in a fresh water tank fitted with both a 240 volt heater and a coil from the engine cooling system. Hot water is available on board whenever either the engine is running or 240 volt power is available from  on shore power. Even after loss of 240 volt power, hot water is available for several hours.

Hp means horse power

Insurance is the contract I have to reimburse me should I suffer a complete or partial loss of the yacht or to pay a third party if that third party has a justifiable claim against me. The hull value is TWO-HUNDRED-FIFTY-THOUSAND Pounds (€ 250,000.00). I have third party coverage for 375.000 .
I have never made a claim against my insurance. Because of that I receive a considerable discount on my insurance premiums. My net annual cost to insure her is about ONE-THOUSAND-EUROS (€ 1,000.00). I have every reason to believe that my insurance company,  would insure the new buyer.

Inverter is an electrical device that converts 12 volts DC to 240 volts AC. A big one 3000 watt capacity is on board.This unit can even tolerate 6000 watts momentarily loads.

Jib means the forward-most sail. On Vega  the jib is most often called a “Genoa” because it is 135% of the area of the triangle formed by the main mast, the forestay and the deck.

Ketch is a sailing craft with two masts: a main mast, and a shorter mizzen mast abaft (rearward of) the main mast, but forward of the rudder post.

Languages which I speak are: English, German,Russian and Turkish, but if you write to me in either German or Russian, I may respond to you in English or Turkish.

Long Keel vs.Fin Keel Long keel is a keel that runs the entire length of the boat. The other kind of keel is a fin keel that sticks down into the water from the hull like a fin. This Ocean Wanderer has a scheel fin  keel with lead ballast of 6 tons.

m means meters i.e. 39.37 inches. A meter is equal to about three feet plus three inches.

Marine Surveyor is a skilled person who inspects a yacht and prepares a survey report.

Marmaris is that seaside town in Turkey at N 36°51′; E 28°16′ and is my favorite port. Marmaris has two large marinas with a total capacity of about 1400 yachts. This large number of yachts makes Marmaris a Mecca for mechanics and artisans. High quality work can be done very economically. There are a number of chandleries including West Marine, the large US marine outfitter. In fact the chairman of the board of directors of West Marine keeps his yacht in Marmaris. Marmaris has a large live-aboard community and an active social live. If Turkey be considered a rectangle with the longer axis oriented east and west, then Marmaris is at the very southwest corner, with the Aegean to the west and the Med’ to the south. The coast to the east of Marmaris looks as if it was designed for yachtsmen with lots of bays and coves to explore and wonderful food ashore.

The Greek island of Rhodes is a half-day’s sail to the south. In less than a day sailing east you will reach Symi, the prettiest harbor in all the Greek islands. The most un-spoiled Greek islands in the Aegean are closer to Turkey than to Greece. In fact virtually all the Aegean islands are Greek, not Turkish.

Marmaris is easy to get to from anywhere in the world. It is served by two international airports; the closest is Dalaman (DLM) about 90 minutes distant by road and Bodrum (BJV) about two hours distant.

Masts are the vertical spars which hold up the sails. She has an alloy z spars main mast forward stepped onto the keel.

Med’ means the Mediterranean Sea.

Med’ Mooring means the mooring of a vessel with its stern to the quay or taking a line to a rock or so .This type of mooring is the most common type around the Mediterranean Sea.

Microwave Oven means the magnetron driven device in the galley. Vega has none.

mm means millimeters. The hull of this Ocean Wanderer is 45mm thick. That is almost two inches.

Nautical mile is that distance equal to 1.852 kilometers. One nautical mile equals 1.15 statute miles, that  distance of 5280 feet used in the USA.

nm means nautical mile.

Osmosis is the undesirable process by which water ,which forms blisters under the paint penetrates into the laminate and may cause delamination because there is an area of high salts concentration. This Ocean Wander has no risk of osmosis because she is built of epoxy resin.

Outboard Motor is the portable petrol engine which powers the tender. Her outboard motor is a 3.3 horse power Mercury. It is light, and can be easily carried. It has an integral petrol tank so there is no need to deal with troublesome tanks and pesky pumps. I got rid of a bigger, heavier outboard motor and have never been sorry. If you would like a bigger outboard engine there are racks on the stern to carry a second bigger one.

Paintwork refers to that portion of the yacht covered with paint. All paintwork was done  with international oyster white paint. She has been kept up since then. See Varnish.

Pasarelle means gangplank. As best I can determine from my UK friends this is a French word meaning “foot bridge”, not used in the UK but widely used in the Med’, even by sailors from the UK.

Petrol means gasoline. This ocean wanderer’s  main engine  uses  diesel fuel not petrol. The outboard motor uses petrol.

Reef is a verb meaning to reduce the size of a sail. On this Ocean Wanderer the jib is reefed by rolling it around the forestay. When one reefs a sail, that sail is said to be reefed. The jib is reefed by rolling it around the forestay. The reefing line is controlled in the cockpit. The main sail is reefed by partially dropping it down the main mast and tying reefing lines around the main mast. The main sail has three sets of reefing lines.

Reefer is the nautical name for the refrigerator. The reefer is in the galley.

Registration is the act of registering a yacht with the appropriate office in a given country. This Ocean Wanderer is registered in Turkey. This Ocean Wanderer is said to be a Turkish Flag vessel.

Sacrificial Anode is an anode usually made of zinc that is placed under the water and is designed to corrode instead of something that you want not to corrode. The zinc sacrificial anode is sacrificed to protect the brass propeller. The sacrificial anodes are checked and replaced as necessary every

Scuba means Self Contained Underwater [breathing] Apparatus. There is an air tank on board which we rarely  used.  Masks, fins, and snorkels are also on board.

Sheet means a line used to control a sail. This Ocean Wanderer has five sheets, two on the jib, two on the stay sail, and one on the main sail . All sheets are controllable from the cockpit.

Shore power is the 240 volt 50 cycle electric power available from anyplace on shore such as a marina or a pier or even another boat whose generator is running.

Sails – Rig She is a “Cutter” .She has two sails forward of the main mast. From fore to aft the sails can be called: jib, staysail and  main sail . The jib is sometimes called a “Genoa” or more specifically a 135% Genoa, because it is 35% bigger than the triangle whose sides are the main mast, the forestay and the deck. The sails were made by Hyde and Jeckells of UK.  Invoice is on board. In addition to the above sails she has a Spinnaker in new condition. The Genoa and staysail have roller furling. There are three reef points on the main sail with an electric winchin the cockpit  to help in the reefing process.

Spinnaker is a light sail used when the winds are abaft the beam. This Ocean Wanderer has a genniker.

SSB means a Single Side Band radio, the one used to communicate over long distances. There is one on board:Icom M700pro.And also Pactor modem 4 to send and receive e mails and get weather reports  at high seas where there in no internet access

Stay sail is the sail that is just aft of the jib and just forward of the mast. This Ocean Wanderer has a  stay sail .

Sun Awnings are translucent, water-transmitting covers that can be rigged on deck to shield the entire boat from the summer sun. Frankly they do not look very nice, but I have never been able how to make them look better. At least they help to keep below decks cool and reduce the effort expended by the air conditioner in keeping below decks cool on sunny, hot summer days.

Survey means to have the boat inspected by a Marine Surveyor.

Survey Report means the report prepared by the Marine Surveyor after having inspected the yacht. We have a survey report from 2009 and will share it with anyone who asks.

Surveyor means Marine Surveyor.

Swim ladder is the folding ladder than can be rigged on either the port or starboard side to climb on deck after a swim in the warm turquoise waters of the Med’. The swim ladder is of  telescopic type.

Tender is the small inflatable boat carried in stern davits. The tender is a Jokerboat with a length of 2.5 m, and a beam of 1.5 m. It is inflatable with three separate air chambers, and has a heavy  bottom. It is powered by an outboard motor on the transom. Several air pumps are on board. Some people call the tender a “dinghy”.

TV means television set and yes there are is one  on board . We sometimes watch it with the sat.antenna.

Twitter is the web application where people can post information without expecting any response. This ocean Wanderer  is on Twitter. If you click on you will see some posts from me. I try to “tweet”, i.e. post to Twitter, every time she moves, but do not always do so.

V means voltage.

Value Added Tax means VAT.

Varnish refers to the clear coating applied to the bulkheads and decks below.

VAT means “Value Added Tax” and is the tax sometimes attempted to be collected by most EU countries, by Turkey and by some other countries. VAT is not collected by either the USA or by any state of the USA, although some US states have a sales tax.

Washing Machine is the machine for washing clothes. Ocean wanderer has one in the aft cabin.

Water Maker is the pressure driven reverse osmosis device that takes in sea water and removes the salt thereby producing fresh water. This Ocean Wandererhas a Katadyn water maker . If you want to cross the Atlantic or the Pacific, you may need one.

Weather The weather in the Eastern Med’ is delightful with warm, rain-free summers and mild, but rainy winters. Most Yachties wait until about the first of May to begin sailing when the seaside restaurants open even though the weather is fine earlier. Sailing in May and June is great.

July and August can be a bit warm, in the 30′s Celsius. This Ocean Wanderer  does not have a problem because at anchor, the bow points into the wind and the hatches which open forward give a lovely flow of air below decks. Many nights I slept on deck under the stars. It never rains in July or August. When in port I was ashore during the day. At night in port the air-conditioning on Sea Symphony kept me comfortable. In the Aegean, you must recon with that strong wind called the “Meltimi”, which can cause Force 8 winds under clear skies. The Meltimi is not a factor in the Ionian Sea to the west of the Greek mainland. Nor is it a factor to the east of Marmaris. To avoid the Meltimi, Yachties avoid the Aegean during July and August. Some go the Ionian Sea. Others sail along the coast of Turkey. Still others simply go home for these two months. I never felt a need to do so.

September and October are a delight with warm seas, light winds and only an occasional shower. November is still has very nice weather but by now the sea side restaurants are closed. December through March is the chilly season but the temperatures almost never fall below freezing.

If you want to learn more about weather in the Eastern Med’ send me an email and I will send you links to my favorite weather web sites.

Why Selling? Enforcing family matters.

Winches are the devices that are used to give a mechanical advantage to sheets and other lines. There is one winch on the main mast and 7 others in the cockpit of which 3 are electric.

The two largest winches are those in the cockpit dedicated to the port and starboard jib sheets. On the cabin top are two smaller winches one for the roller furling gear the other for the main sheet. All winches are stainless steel two-speed, self-tailing with removable handles.

Winterization refers to the things which should be done to get this Ocean wandere ready for winter. Because of the mild winters in the Mediterranean where she is, no special things need be done, although I do a few things to facilitate getting ready to sail in the spring.

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