One can, of course dine anywhere on board, but our favorite place to dine is at the built in table in the cockpit. The leaves of the table can be raised to give plenty of room. This table can easily accommodate four adults, two each on one of the two sides. Below decks in the main saloon, we have had eight for dinner on the teak table (starboard leaf can be raised) around the main mast.

Cooking is easy in the compact, well-equipped galley. It is possible to have five dishes cooking at once: two on the propane cook top, one in the oven, one on the electric cooker and one in the electric oven. I hear you thinking “Who is going to do all those dishes after a five-course meal?”. No problem at all; you put them in the dishwasher! :)

Oh I almost forgot, once you fill the 80 liter stainless steel drinking water tank, you do not have to worry about drinking water for a long time. Whenever you are thirsty, you just put your glass under the drinking water tap in the galley.

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