Cruising Life

Here follows my thoughts about the wonderful, care-free, cruising life-style in the Mediterranean and lately the Atlantic based on my experiences since May of 2009 when I had VEGA built and brought her in Marmaris, Turkey. I spent five years cruising in the Eastern Med. In June 2014, we left Marmaris going west; the Greek islands in the Aegean, Athens, Corinth Canal, Kefalonia, Ionian  Sea, Sicily, Pantelleria Island, Tunisia, Sardegna, Balearic Islands, Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco and the Canary Islands after three full days in the Atlantic Ocean…

The spring and the fall are great in the Med. This is the time when most yachties leave port to explore far off places. Some return to their home port for the winter, some do not.

July and August can be hot, but the water is warm when swimming in it and cool, once on deck. I have not installed air-conditioning but, there is plenty of space if you would like to install one. The air vents have kept me comfortable so far. Those who dislike the heat head north.

September and October are our favorite cruising month. The kids are back in school so the ancient sites are not crowded. The water is still warm enough for swimming and the nights are cool for sleeping. The sea side restaurants are still open and not crowded.

From November until April, there are lots of excursions and social activities, specially at Marmaris Yacht Marina which has the biggest live aboard community in Turkey. Marmaris is a cultural center and has visiting orchestras, ballets and other shows. To be sure there are live aboard communities elsewhere such as Kemer, Bodrum, Antalya, and Kusadasi in Turkey and on the Greek island of Kos, but all are smaller than that of Marmaris.

In the Canary Islands, it is like permanent spring with the temperature ranging from 18°C in the winter to 24°C in the summer.

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